Inspiration, Storage, Art

Posted by Lacey, Top Chick on 6th Jan 2016


Like most crafters, I have a lot of stuff. To most people viewing the collections of materials, "a lot" is a considerable understatement. Fortunately for me, my mother lived with me for a few years and helped with the organizational issues. (She had empty nest syndrome for a while, in case you were curious.)

My mother has an almost overwhelming love of antique shops, resale and vintage stores, and second hand places. She started bringing home little racks, shelves, and the like. The one above is one of the biggest, made of wood and very sturdy, great for storing wood mounted stamps. The bottom is a decorative edge held on by little spindly looking things, the perfect space to push the skeins of embroidery floss through.

Now, this is one of many mismatched, fun, and beautiful containers and shelving units to grace my wall, providing storage, art, and inspiration every day. (I need more!)