Handmade Vintage Style Statement Pink Pendant

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One of a kind pink vintage style statement pendant.  Glittery meets old fashioned charm in a pendant like no other.  Pale pink and silver to match your unique style and be the envy of your friends.  


A special mix of beads and beaten wire handmade with care and sold by the artisan.



Approximately 3.5 inches tall and 1.25 inches wide, the pendant hangs from a simple black ribbon.  


Ribbon is an ideal choice to make your necklace instantly adjustable and great for those with metal allergies.


I was inspired by my mother when creating this piece.  She loves pink and a certain vintage look.  When I showed her the final piece, she loved it.  It look about 2 hours to make and is completely unique.  I hand-selected each bead from my extensive collection, some of which were the only ones of a certain type.


Add a silver chain for $5.


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