Handcrafted Rose Bead Bracelet with Fluorite Chips

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Updating a classic shabby chic style in a memory wire bracelet, rose beads meet crystals, tear drops, and fluorite chips to create a stacked style out of a single piece. Subtle sparkle from crystals and muted accents allow the rose beads to be the star of the show.


24 inches long, the wire holds its shape without a clasp, eliminating the hassle and frustration of using one.  


Handmade and sold by the artisan.


I was thinking about my mother when I was making this bracelet.  She would say it isn't "quite" her style but she loves the sparkle and irregular chips, how the little tear drop beads are a simple variation on the standard round.


The metal doesn't touch the skin so this is a great fashion for metal allergy sufferers.


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